Thursday, June 30, 2011

We"re Heeeeere

Gosh, I thought I'd be breathing a sigh of relief when the words "We're Here" came out of my mouth. Instead, I'm neck deep in full boxes waiting to be emptied, using the bathroom sink to wash my minimal dishes and catching up on days worth of laundry while tending to my three in a construction zone. The house wasn't quite ready when we came.... the kitchen unfinished and our master bed and bath still needing work. There have been workers here everyday from sun up to sun down and today the kitchen is almost functional and the master bed/bath is being completed for the most part. Hopefully the plumber shows up today to connect the rest of the piping to make these rooms functional. You ask if I'm going crazy? Surprisingly I have remained break-down free until this morning. The simple think of dog hair set it off and I was quickly over it. It's funny how God's Grace can carry. In the mist of my crying fit God said, "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, through prayer and thanksgiving make your request known to God. And the peace that surpasses all understanding will guard your heart in Christ Jesus." I actually quoted it as "Do not complain about anything". After my head recited it to my heart I caught the anxious part. Wow, anxious free in this situation. It must be possible if God says so. I really have thought about how lucky I am to be in the predicament. I look around to my neighbors and realize that many would be over-joyed to be in this situation. A newly renovated home, with the problem of too many boxes piled up and no where to put them. Just puts life into perspective being here. I've met several neighbors and visited with a few teenage girls. I skipped the Orange Mound prayer meeting this Tuesday due to exhaustion but I plan to attend from here forward. In fact, it will be held at our house once we're settled. It was started by a Christ Community (CCHS) worker here in OM with Joey. She's a sweet girl who was the first brave soul to move in. She has two roommates and they've really built a re pore with the girls and guys here. There's so much to tell but I'll just have to play catch up another time. We have a Chic-fil-A playdate with another CCHS family. Time to load the kids in the car. A good 10-15 min process! I'll leave you with a few "before" inside pics.

Living room from the front door

The wall to the left was completely knocked out to make a big living area

Hall way. To the left the hall bath and straight the dining room, beyond that the kitchen

The kitchen was gutted and opened up.

Hall bath. Luxurious, I know. We used the closet space in the living room to expand this bathroom vanity area

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Too hard for a title, title.

It's our (Joey and I's) last night in G'wood:( The movers came today and packed our things and tomorrow they'll load the trucks. We've had big celebrations all over this little town. Last night a get together with our residency friends that we've grown to cherish and who have grown to put up with us:) Then today Joey's office had a big lunch for him. The kids left with his Mom so we could get things straight here without 3 little ones right under my feet. It's all starting to hit me now. It's the last time I'll lay in this fabulous room and type a post. Or just do the hum-ho things of life. Oh how I'll miss this house, this neighborhood and this community. We have been blessed here. This is were 2 of my 3 babies came home to and it's where Bethany has been raised her 4 young years. I was folding clothes yesterday while sitting on the floor. She came to me and cupped my face with her little hands and said, "Promise me we don't have to move again. Promise, promise, promise, we'll stay in Memphis forever." It was so hard not to just promise but I couldn't lie because that child forgets nothing. I certainly felt that way about this move and battled it for months. And it's how I've felt so many times in life when I knew that life would never be the same. "Jesus replied, "Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nest, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head." Matt 8:20. Many times in this decision I've been reminded of this story. It's when a man tells Jesus he will follow Him wherever He goes. But then Jesus quickly replies with this answer. He goes on to tell him that the man cannot even go back to bury his dead father. Whoever said that being a follower of Jesus Christ was easy had it all wrong. Jesus himself says that for all of us to truly follow Him there will be a cost. It's the sacrificial life that mirrors our Fathers. In my case, the cost is the security of family, house, safety and comfort. It's leaving our church and home and truly stepping out. But I can tell you without doubt that this is where we are suppose to be right now. God has not only provided but went above and beyond. We have a huge network of Godly people in Memphis that have made this move possible and that the Lord has used to build me up and most are practically strangers. But they care about us and they care about what we're about. If we would have never trusted and obeyed I would have not seen God be the big God He is. If it would have all been lined up perfectly and all our ducks in a row, then I would never have seen the mysterious and big ways God has provided.

Wow, I've been blessed that God would allow me to be a part of what He is doing. I'm pooped and going to bed but I'll give you a little teaser on the house. A "before" if you will....

It was a dilapidated home with some squatters living inside. But on the porch is Bill Marlor with the organization "Jacob's Ladder" click here, who has been a God-send and whose organization has made it possible for us to move to The Mound. We are in the final stages of the renovation and the house has been completely gutted from the inside out! We are so excited. I'm too drained to go into it much but be on the look out for progress pics!!!!