Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Okay, so I know that there is so many ways to scam new parents, and most of the time I fall for it but this has gone too far! Every product promises to make your life easier while somehow enhancing your child's intellegence. Beware parents......never be this dumb. The baby keeper is just plain cruel to all children who must hang from the bathroom stalls as they watch you go pee!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


It has been mind-boggling to think about all the things that parenthood brings about. I mean, am I really qualified to teach this precious one about life, love, values, truth, self, and the things that really matter? And secondly, how in the world do I do this? This whole exprience has brought me to unchartered waters. It is something that scares me but keeps me on the edge of my seat. I must really search myself in order to show my little girl how to accept herself, love who she is, and most importantly find her identity in Christ. Her life holds a mirror to me. I have to accept myself, love who I am and know that my identity is in Him. It's so....mind boggling! I want her to be a revoluntionary. Afraid of nothing that the world might throw at her. Wise enough to find the truth and courageous enough to stand for it. Always realizing the value of herself and others around her. Forgiving the hurts that she might endure. And most of all being a woman of God. Me and my girl, revolutionaries?