Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Rains down in Africa....

The first few weeks we were in Kenya the country was at the tail-end of the rainy season. We had rains everyday for a couple of days but it was hard and fast and short-lived. Almost always in the afternoon.

This was some of our first friends that greeted us. We were always being "watched", even if we couldn't see them, we felt little eyes on us all the time. This was a picture of some of the children that came to watch us at the fence. The road behind her is the same one that woke me every morning (and Bethany) with children walking to school, playing and singing.... loudly! Also , the herders brought their cattle to graze and cows are really louder than you might think!

This is Miss B playing at the front of the Guest house. At the bottom of the hill is the fence that you see the children above. Bethany liked to wonder out of our unit and go to the main guest house kitchen and dazzle the helpers in there!

I made Bethany a picture book of family and friends and our house before we left. This is her looking at the pictures with "Emma" beside her. By the end of the trip she was no longer interested in the friends or family in the pictures... she was only interested in Mommy, Daddy, "Bethhy"(her), and Emma. Sorry family, but you were a distant memory by then!

This is Janet (our helper) and I cooking. I had a lot to learn once I got there! Janet was a great cook and soon after this picture I decided to stay out of the kitchen when Janet was there and let her do her thing.

Every Friday was "Pizza Night" around Tenwek. This is some of us at the guest having our first pizza night. I was a blast that night. We played games and at great homemade pizza. It was a wonderful time of fellowship. I miss those nights:(

These pictures were probably week 2 at Tenwek. Next time will be some of my outings in the community!