Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oh Bethany, Your so Brave....

So, for those that don't know after my last post I got a call from Joey. He was in the car with Bethany and Hannah Grace (our neighbor who's 5) and was taking the crew to our favorite trail, Oconee Falls. Well, 30-45 minutes later I get a phone call and Joey says, "We've had a little accident". WHAT!?!?!?! Those words are every mothers worst nightmare. He goes on to tell me that they were at end of the trail with the waterfall in sight when she and HG started running and she tripped and hit a rock. She was a very brave girl when said she was fine and didn't' need to go get stitches. But to the hospital they went and waited for 5 hrs for the numbing cream. By the time she got them she got frantic and ended up ripping the first set out and having to get more. She has gotten great pleasure from all the well-wishers telling her that she's brave. She really thinks she's big stuff!
Even with the stitches she had an awesome weekend and loved camping and staying in the tent. Poor thing...she missed the best part, hobo's and s'mores.

Here are some pics of her first father/daughter camping trip...

The Crew having breakfast. Eggs and Bacon, yummy!

Bethany in front of the massive tent. Who wouldn't have fun playing in that thing? (Note the hair and mix-matched outfit. Her Daddy tried!)
Bethany has a lot of catching up to do to get on even ground with this crew!

The chin... ewwww

After the fact, don't let the happy face fool you.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

It's a Spring Thing

AHHHHH, it's finally Spring in the south! We southerners aren't use to such a long winter. I actually look forward to the winter months and the short days but it's awful having a winter baby. With both of my girls I had to stay inside so much because it's RSV season and this time it was the swine flu and RSV! I was very excited about daylight savings this year and the summer-like weather we've had!

Liddy's 2 nd month has been busy and is flying by. She went on her first trip to the Isle of Palms for the Cooper River Bridge Run. The whole Patrick clan was down for the trip and Lydia had her worst nights (yes that's plural) yet while we were there. She was up screaming all night twice but she also had her best night (yes that's singular) while there. The day we got back she started taking really good naps and doing well at night (no screaming or playtime)! It always happens that way. With Bethany, a good friend came to visit when she was 6 weeks old and she was up every night screaming inconsolably while he was here. Then the next week she started sleeping through the night! But sadly, I forgot my camera while at the beach and didn't get any Bridge pics. Bethany did the kid's fun run and had a great time. I, of course, walked the 6.2 miles with a friend and Joey and his dad and brother ran.

As I type, Bethany and Joey are on their first camping trip to Devil's Fork. They went with neighbors and it sounds like they are having a blast. Joey did take the camera so I'll post pics of the trip later. Below are some highlights of our month thus far.

This is Joey and B going to Doughnuts for Dad at school. Oddly enough, the book fair is held during the week of Doughnuts for Dad.... Needless to say Bethany came home with a book. The most expensive one at that!! You can see the excitement on her face. She knew she was getting a doughnut AND a book that day!

I keep finding Bethany trying out Liddy's stuff. On this day she had become eerily quiet so I went upstairs to find her in her sister's crib with her paci in her mouth. I thought it was so funny. The next picture is when I decided she had had her fun and needed to give the paci over and get out of the crib. As you can see, it caused a major breakdown!

Lydia and B at our church Easter Egg hunt. I'm surprised B got in the bunny's lap. I think I would have been scared of this bunny if it were me!

Lastly, the best family shot I could get of us on Easter. It was our first Sunday back at church and we were all excited to get back to our church family. We had missed them. We are still another 2 weeks away from going to Sunday School. Joey doesn't want Lydia in the nursery until she's 8 weeks. So we're all anxiously awaiting that return too.

Happy Spring everyone! Enjoy the season of new birth and resurrection!