Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2010 Blizzard and Update

We had a wonderful snow in Greenwood this past weekend! It was the perfect snow with no ice or freezing rain. We got 6 inches and it may have been a record for the little town of Greenwood! Bethany had a great time but I think her dad had more fun. They built a snow man and a snow dog (looked more like a beetle to me). Bethany was very distracted by eating the snow. She was more into eating it than playing in it! Monty was wild and loved the snow too. By Saturday evening it was mostly gone from the roads and by Sunday it was gone. That's how we like snow, quick and painless.
My Pretty Snow bunny

The Family in our first snow of the year
Pregnancy Update:

Last week when I went to the doctor we decided that would be my last visit. If I don't go into labor by Thurs, then I'll be going to Labor and delivery at 5:30 Am ! in the morning. Typically anyone doing a VBAC would not be induced because it makes the contractions too intense for the scarred uterus, but we will be doing a light induction on Friday. Everything is perfectly in place for a VBAC except that I'm not dilated. Baby is very low and cervix is ripe. So the plan is to use enough Potocin to dilate me enough to break my water and most likely my body will then go into it's own labor. So, we will see. I may end up having a c-section again but I think the VBAC is well worth the try.

38 Weeks and 5 days

Big sister at the Greenwood baby shower

Karen(right), my gracious host and the other 3rd years

On Valentine's we had a little scare. I had hardly felt the baby move all night and all morning so I alerted my personal doctor by waking him up and telling him I was worried. This pregnancy has been so different than my 1st. Bethany was monitored every other day with NST's and ultra-sounds for months. Her movements were light and she was a not very active. I didn't know that she was those things until I got pregnant with this child. She's like a brute compared to B. She is constantly moving and is very powerful to the point of pain sometimes. So, when she wasn't doing that for 12 hrs it scared me. I couldn't imagine going to the hospital and coming home without a baby (morbid thought I know, but it was my worse case scenario). So, we went to the Montgomery Center first and Joey did an NST. We did all the usual things to make a baby "wake-up" but nothing helped. She was so still and had no accels in her heart rate. We decided to walk over to the hospital and get monitored and the minute I laid down for them to monitor, she started move like a mad woman. I'm sure they thought I was a basket case for coming in b/c she rocked the NST and we went home. Now, I'm just waiting. The scare did make me jump into gear and get some last minute things done like packing my hospital bag. I've been such a procrastinator the second time around!

Friday, February 05, 2010

Sorry so long!

I haven't done great about blogging the last 2 months (not that I've ever really good at keeping up)! I'm posting pics of some highlights of the months. December was great. Bethany really enjoyed the season and got excited about everything this year. It was great to have a Christmas through the eyes of a child! She was really into the Nativity story but only seemed to focus on Mary riding the donkey! Joey would have to pull her around her room on her horse and pretend to be Joseph, Mary, and the donkey!!!

I'm doing good. The baby countdown is on.... less than 3 weeks away! I am trying for a VBAC but if I haven't gone into labor by my due date (Feb. 22), then we'll have to do a c-section. The baby has dropped and my cervix is thin so that's all good news! Good friends have thrown me a baby shower and I got a lot of diapers and wipes and bath stuff. I'm thrilled that we have a "stock" of all the necessities. I'm also having another small shower in Greenwood with the girls from the residency program. My sweet friend Karen insisted on celebrating this new baby!

The nursery is done (finally) and I feel like I can move on to something else. I must be going through some major nesting b/c all I want to do is clean all the time. It's not that I really want to clean but it makes me feel better, less anxious. I get a sick satisfaction with having a clean house! I promise not to let so much time lapse between post b/c I do know there are a small few who check this and like to look at the pictures!