Friday, October 30, 2009

Pregnancy update and Happy Halloween

It's time to update all on the pregnancy. I am days away from my sixth month!!! I can't believe that time has went by this fast. We've had a lot going on and since we have a 2 1/2 yr old to keep us busy, this pregnancy has flown by. For those of you that don't know, it's a GIRL! We're excited that we will have two little girls and that Bethany will have a sister to journey through life with. I know from personal experience how special a sister relationship is and I'm glad my girls will have that. Joey is very excited to be getting another girl. He and Bethany have such a sweet relationship and she's such a daddy's girl, that he is excited to experience that again. We always felt like our Ethiopian baby would be a boy, so we still feel like God has a boy in the cards for our family too.
Thankfully, I have not had any problems thus far and hope it is uneventful and unlike my last pregnancy. So much of this pregnancy has been different than the last and that's a good thing! She is a very active baby and has been hurling kicks at me since about 16 weeks. When other moms are still trying to figure out if what their feeling is baby, I'm watching my stomach move in waves as my baby rolls around in my belly. She is measuring a week ahead, putting her due date at Feb. 14-16. We are still debating baby names but have it narrowed down to two names! I'll post baby bump pics soon. I download my pics at the end of each month and we still have Halloween to capture for October! I know it's a little OCD, but I don't like to mess up my picture files:)