Monday, January 31, 2011

Little Birdie

Last Friday I was rushing my very slow, very distractable 4 yr old out the door the same way I do every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for preschool. A simple 1 minute task can drag out all morning when you are dealing with a pint-sized person who barks and crawls and talks out of the side of her mouth like a "puppy". Any who, I rushed the little person out the door and got her on the porch. Sometimes I just go on to the car to strap in Liddy so that I can pick up B and get her in the car more quickly than chancing her finding a leaf or stick or pebble that she will stop and admire and talk to for who knows how long. We finally get into the big Suburban and start chugging down our road. I always pick up a little speed heading down the hill and it was a typical day of speed. From the corner of my eye I catch a glimpse of a little robin coming low towards the Black Beauty. The birdie soon realizes that a monster is in the middle of the road and turns quickly, but not in time. I don't hear a hit or feel a hit, but who could in that big ole' truck??? I cringe as I look in the rear view and sure enough I see a little bird on the road flapping it's sweet little wings. Thankfully, Miss B didn't realize nor did a bring it to her attention. Trauma to an animal lover of her extent. Some might say the humane thing to do would be to turn the truck around and finish what was started, but I certainly don't have the heart to back the Black Beauty up and end the struggle. So I say a prayer to myself and hope it was just in shock and not really hurt. Well, sure enough by the time I come back by the time had come and the little birdie rest in peace.
I was distraught about this situation and felt awful that the bird's fate had laid in my hands. Then out of no where I thought....

" Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father. And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. So don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows." Matt. 10 29-31

I had been struggling last week with God's call on our lives. After a weekend in Memphis and the reality of our move I was getting anxious and worried but God used this poor little birdie to remind me that God resides over all His creatures and I am of greatest worth to Him. He will be my shield and protection for me and my family in the days to come.

My little birdie on a day that she insisted to dress herself. We had missed our "make-up" gymnastics's class because of me having the wrong time down and her being her usual slow self. She was disappointed (as seen on her face. She gets that from her mama. You can read us like a book!) so we decided to get our nails done at the nail "sasson". She chose hot pink with white polka-dots (she also gets that from her mama!)

Hard lesson learned for the birdie... RIP

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Baby's not a Baby anymore...

My baby turned 4! I can't believe I have a 4 yr old. Anyone who gets our Christmas cards or knows us in the least, knows that Bethany is the joy of our lives. She was born with the sweetest spirit and is so entertaining. As a baby, she laughed and smiled at ANYONE who showed the least bit of attention to her. At 2, she was all things Clifford and had a strange obsession with safari animals. We have a bind that is full of those little figurines that you get at the Tractor Supply store, and they are all safari-esque! At 3, she barked and crawled around most of the time and daily made up names that we had to call her. Now starting the 4's she is into cowboys and horses! I have to ride her around on my back and "buck" her off. She likes to "stable" me and make me sit while she pretends to feed me apples and carrots.

Here's some pics from her birthday party. Every year she insist on a certain pary and this year it was "Firehouse Dog" party? Who knows why but that's what she requested. She's had a thing about fires lately and always her love for doggies. Since we couldn't have a party at the Firehouse, we had one at her gymnastics center. It was a blast and she's been talking about it every since.

The Birthday girl showing off her skills:)

Lucas and Joey burying the birthday girl in the foam pit. We all had a blast jumping in and playing with the kids.

I decided when B was born that I wanted to make my kids birthday cakes every year. Each year I kick myself for making that promise and now Bethany knows and won't settle for going to get one. I have to make it. This year she wanted a "almation" (dalmation) dog.

Happy birthday to you.....

A view of the gym

Lydia with her Aunts

We all had a blast!

A prayer for my little girl:

O Lord, you have searched Bethany and you know her.

You know when she sits and when she rieses,

you percieve her thoughts from afar.

You discern Bethany's going out and her lying down,

you are familiar with all her ways.

Before a word is on her tongue yo uknow it completely, O Lord.

You hem her in -behind and before;

you have laid your hand upon her.

For you created Bethany's inmost being,

you knit her together in my womb.

I praise you because she is fearfully and wonderfully made:

your works are wonderful,

I know that full well.

Pslam 139:1-6, 13-14

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

A little about Memphis

I thought I'd share this link with anyone who wanted to know a little more about Memphis. These particular clips are featuring a community called "Binghampton" or "Binghamton". We are not moving into this community but another neighboring one. The videos are best understood after reading the article.