Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Because of Love

We have been so overwhelmed with your love and support. I put our donations together on Friday night. Joey and Bethany went to the Clemson basketball game and I had time to gather everything we had received thus far and organize. At one point I was hoping no one would come by unexpectedly because they would have been concerned. I was bawling while putting all this stuff together! I am a bit emotional right now any way. So many conflicting emotions are competing with each other. While I am elated to meet JP for the first time, I am dreading the long trip to only come home without him. It's going to be heartbreaking to leave our little boy behind. It has really hit me that we are going half-way across the world without our girls. It's so hard to take such a big trip without our children. Lydia is only 9 months old and it's killing me to leave her. But I will decide to Trust the Lord in knowing that He loves my children, all 3, even more than I do. I Trust that this whole process is in His perfect timing and in His able hands.
Mostly, I wanted this post to be about your giving and our great appreciation. I was so overwhelmed with a feeling of love and support while putting our donations together that I could barley get it done. So glad I was alone in the house, except for Lyds and she can't use words:), to pack the donations because Joey might have thought I was on the edge. All that said to say "THANK YOU". Your gestures will always be remembered and a part of our son's journey.

We got soooo many diapers, cloth and disposable! I even got a donation from a complete stranger! I was ordering Lydia some cloth diapers (I know! A whole different subject for a whole different post!) when she saw the link to our blog and read about our journey! She donated a good amount from her own shop! If you are in the market for cloth diapering I must tell you to support this sweet woman at www.nellsnaturalbaby.com .
Several of you donated formula. Lots of our physician friends gave in this way. I also received $55 dollars and used it on cloth diapers and formula. I did get another generous donation of $100! I will be using this in-country to buy goods that I see the orphanages need once I get there.

My living room was taken over with all our goods!!!

Joey's parents Sunday school class took donations and one family friend got a generous donation from Gerber of cloth diapers and lots of onsies! We got a bunch of clothing from other donors, too.

TONS of baby wash and diaper cream samples from some of our physician friends:) Also plenty of lotion, ointment, some medication and thermometers.

Toys and fun things for the kids.

And it's packed, barely!

It was only a few weeks ago that we got an update, so I really wasn't expecting anything before our trip.But we got one last week! He looks so happy and healthy. JP has gained over 8lbs since he entered the orphanage and at 27 lbs, he weighs more than his big sister! Our last update said that he had a friend that he "played with and fights with a lot." I figured out who her parents are and she will actually be leaving to come to the US shortly after we make our court visit. I'm glad we will get to meet his special buddy and get a picture of the two of them before she leaves!

Please remember our family in prayer this week. Pray for safe travels and for me to not be a total baby about leaving me kids! The ones that I will be coming back to and the one that I will be going back to get. It's going to be hard on all of us and I'm most worried about this. Pray that I don't forget anything important like our passports or something! God Bless you all for your support and generosity.