Thursday, May 29, 2008

Are you Prejudice?

This is a great piece on MSNBC about Multiracial America and living in it. Of course, one of the families is living in Moncks Corner, SC where racism is still alive and well! I worry about these issues with my family changing into a multiracial american family and I've already heard some "interesting" comments from the ones I love the most. But, if you know me you know I don't back down from hardship and I certainly stand up for what I believe in. Check it out....

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Clarifications and more....

I just want to post that this trip to Africa is not to pick up our child! There have been several people to ask about this...I wish we were but it will be about another year before we make that great trip to Ethiopia. I am adding an "Adoption Process" timeline to the side of my blog so that all you can better understand the process and when we will pick up our child.

This trip is to Kenya and it is for medical missions. Joey is working at one of Africas biggest hospitals but in a fairly remote area. We can't believe that it is less than 4 weeks away!!!! AHHH, I haven't even packed one thing!!!

On a side note here is our daughter.... She is truely the joy of our lives. This precious one is learning a new word everyday. Today she said "school".. of course only her mother can decode her language but she is trying to say anything that we say. She has absolutely no stranger anxiety and will run up and give "love" to almost anyone. Bethany is still a tiny thing but she is larger than life. Words can't give her sweet spirit justice.

The first picture is Easter this year in Charleston and the second is another weekend we were at IOP when we went for the Cooper River Bridge run.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Sown in tears

Psalm 126:5-6
"Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy. He who goes out weeping will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with him."

Wow, now that is some promise! I've been doing a bible study and we are studying the songs of ascents in Psalms. These particular Psalms (120-134) were sung by the Israelites during their journey to Jerusalem 3 times a year. It's all about journeying with the Lord. This study came at such a good point in my life right now.
Joey and I have been called into a life of ministry and know that at some point we will be leaving our life here and going somewhere, probably far away. This has been something that I've had to pray over and stop wrestling God about. For a long time I didn't want to accept this because I didn't want to leave. But thank God he has changed my heart and I will never let fear rule over the will of the Lord.
We are leaving in 4 weeks to Kenya for a mission trip. We'll be gone for 7 weeks and I expect God to show up in a big way. It will be such a wonderful taste of what life on the mission field will be for our family. We are also trying to frantically finish our Dossier (official paperwork which is authenticated to be sent to the Ethiopian govt.) before we leave so we will be officially waiting for our child once we leave for Africa. This journey has been tear stained also. Other adopting parents can relate but for me to just explain to someone else wouldn't give this journey justice.
All this being said, I rejoice in the promise of reaping a joyous and abundant harvest in any difficulties that comes our way. I can testify to this fact even now. There has always been blessings out of any pain, sorrow, trouble or obstacle I've faced. So if there are tears shed, then let it be because joy is following!!