Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Anyone out there?

So, I love my blog, even though I abandon it months at a time. I sometimes wonder "why do I blogg?" because I don't really think that anyone even visits. Which is okay because the blog is theraputic for myself.
Life is definetly changing and more changes are coming. In May/June we will be moving to Greenwood. Now I could do a whole other blog titled "Where in the world is Greenwood?" but I'll skip that and save it for later. We are actually really excited about it. Joey will be working at Self Regional Hospital and we'll be there for 3 years. The cool thing about this residency is that it is mission focused and serves overseas. We've met several residents and their families and I think we'll fit right in. I may need some prayers because I will be trying out the stay-at-home mom thing. And if any you know me, then you know that I'm an on-the-go type of person. So, Bethany and I are going to have to dabble in some activities. So, if you're out there keep us in your thoughts.
Enough for now, motherhood is calling. Bethany is calling for a bottle!!!!!!!!!!!!!