Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ready to Share with the blog world...

So our family has some BIGGGGG news! I was reluctant to announce this news for a while because it was a BIG surprise and it took some getting use to. I wrote my previous post right after finding out this news and you can see how God was working it out in my heart and mind. In our family's heart and mind, too. Well..... we're expecting another baby!

Yes, you read it right. I'm pregnant. It's exciting now but it was a big shock. Since we are in the last stages of our adoption we didn't know how this would all work out and what God was doing in our lives.

On the issue of adoption, we are still pursuing. It's a kind of wait and see what happens but it could be delayed or we could continue from here on out. Our Ethiopian child has become such a part of our lives since last September when we ended our "paper chase". We have grown this baby in our hearts and prayed unceasingly for this child. So that thought of abandoning this adoption was heartbreaking. But God called us to this child and we anxiously await the arrival of our son or daughter.

On the issue of pregnancy, I am really excited now. Joey and I both are! Thankfully, I have not had any problems thus far and it seems to be uneventful. With Bethany I was already having issues and problems by this point. I will be 15 weeks on Monday. Joey did an ultrasound this week and the baby is measuring a week ahead which is great! Bethany was always smaller than she should have been. He/She is very active in there. I'm not able to feel the baby yet but we could barely get the measurements on the ultrasound because he/she was soooo active! This one will keep me on my feet!

We never imagined having 3 children in our home at this point! But God has other plans. I guess he wanted our children to have each other when we left for the mission field. We can't wait to see how all this turns out and what the Lord has in store for us! Please pray that we will find God's direction easily and that our household will make an easy transition with all the changes that will occur.

Father's Day with Dad at the hospital.
Before our big news
Happy Father's Day x2!