Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Home Sweet Home

So we are back and have mostly caught up with our jet lag! It was definitely harder coming back than going. Every one's been asking for a new post and I'm sorry but we've been super busy. This past weekend Joey was in a wedding in Birmingham, AL and we were able to see some Tenwek friends, the Champions. It was really bizarre because when we got there and called we realized we were only one mile from their home! I hung out with them on Saturday while Joey did wedding stuff and then we went to church with them Sunday. It was great and they are doing wonderful.

Ethiopia- I've had a lot of people asking about our adoption and where we are in the process. When we left we hoped we'd have our I-171H (approval for an orphan) from the US government but it never showed up. This is the last piece of paper we need for our dossier to be complete and turned into Ethiopia. Well, we expected it during the 7 weeks we were gone and had proposed this "watch out" plan for my friend that lives across the street and then for it to get to my mother-in-law and for her to take it to state office in Columbia and then to our social worker. It was going to be complicated. At the last minute Joey and I gave up and said, " This is obviously not in God's timing for the dossier to be sent before we leave. We'll wait and get this done ourselves when we get home". We got home and it was meant to be because we did not have the I-171H and had a request for some clarification. We contacted our social worker and got the information needed and now are praying this form comes in soon. The Ethiopian courts and government offices close for the months of August Thur September for their rainy season (I think for harvesting purposes), so our new goal is for our dossier be signed, sealed and delivered by the time the courts reopen. Some GREAT news happened while we were in Africa, the first families from our adoption agencies got referrals only after 5 months!!!! So, hopefully things will be going as fast when our dossier reaches Ethiopia.

So, just an update for where we are now. Hope every ones well!