Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our final graduation? Nope

Well, it's been a busy graduation week/weekend. We started the festivities off in typical graduation week fashion; skit night and bbq at Dr. Smith's pad. Complete with the big white tent and band. Joey volunteered himself last year to write the skit for his class. Let's just say he wasn't asked again this year! But he, Russ, Danny (whom they recruited from the 2nd yr class), and Carlos. They did their own thing and it was pretty funny to see Joey in my running gear and a depends. Don't ask.

Maggie, Asia, and Bethany climbing the big Magnolia tree in the front yard
Some of the residents gearing up for the skits.

Our family the last three years:(

Joey (Dr. Sealy), Russ (Dr.Smith) and Danny AKA Danququ

The goofballs. This crew could only mean trouble!

The next day was the big graduation day. Joey's family came and his older brother, Charley. We missed Rusty but understand he's got a "real" job these days. We then went to a little reception afterwards and said our goodbyes. Lydia was really tired and started getting fussy at this point and I took her home. I got to avoid the long goodbyes which I HATE! But I went by and said bye to the Acosta's later that day. So sad.
Joey getting his diploma, at least I think that's what you call it?

Bethany was so proud of her Daddy!

The Montgomery Center for Family Practices class of 2010!

Liddy had to be taken out during the ceremony but she was all smiles afterwards.

After the big graduation I took her Joey to ATL for some Braves games. Before kids we went to at least one series every season but I haven't been to Turner Field since the year I got pregnant with Bethany. Joey's been back each year but it was a long time since the two of us enjoyed some games together. We saw two great games against the Detroit Tigers. The first night McCann hit his career 100th home run and then the next day Chipper hit a 3 run homer. We enjoyed our time without the kiddos but I missed them.
Most people would be happy to never go back to school after 23 years of school but he's not through yet. Joey starts seminary in the fall while he works at Ware Shoals family practice. He has to get so many seminary hours before being appointed as a career missionary with the International Mission Board. We're in a our last phase before we leave for the mission field! So exciting. We have the month of July to ourselves before he starts working! We plan to make up for lost time while he was a resident! It's amazing to look back over the years and see God's hand at work. Guiding us when we had no idea he was nudging us. I can't wait to see what the next few years hold!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Man of our house!

Dad cuddling his girls:)

I wanted to post a little about the man that is the father of our house. He has a lot to put up with with three girls that want his attention and love. He is the type of man who gets up in the middle of the night when his babies are newborns and calms his anxious wife when she isn't sure of herself. He makes bottles, changes diapers, plays tea party and cowgirl, and cuddle and kisses his girls daily. On top of his domestic duties he is fully committed to his patients and their families. Many a night he has come home after staying with a family well past his shift to comfort them or reassure them. He prays with nearly all his patients and has shared the gospel with many who lack the hope of salvation. He is passionate about his family and his calling and we are few lucky girls to have his devotion! We love you babe!
Father's day 2010 at Lake Cherokee
Lydia's first Father's Day

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Saddle Ridge Ranch

Howdy ya'll! This here is a few pictures of our VBS at "Saddle Ridge Ranch"! Another teacher and I led the preschool missions. We had two classrooms for each age; 3k, 4k and kindergarten. Bethany had a blast. They learned about African missionaries that work with Ostriches, Cowboy missionaries that work with cowboys and X-treme team missionaries that work in hard to reach places like the Amazon. The first night they looked at me like I was from another planet but by the end I think they realized what missionaries were and that they could be missionaries right now just by showing God's love and telling others about Jesus. So if they got that then I deem it a success! We had over 150 kids each night and the last night was "Family Night". Bethany got to sit on a real horsey and that made her day. Each night she reported to me that there were no real horses. I think she thought VBS was going to be all about horses! I have so many cute things that the kids did but not the energy to write them down. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves....

This was my 4k group, they were a trip! You can see trouble all over their little faces!

B before the worship rally at the beginning.

This is part of B's class, 3k, this isn't all of them. They were hard to corral. The costumes were part of my lesson.

Family night and Miss Priss is on Velvet. Look at that smile. She told me last night that for Father's day she was getting dad a REAL horse and for "Child's Day" (a holiday I was not aware of) she wanted a really pretty dress.

She hung around Velvet for a while before she did the jump houses.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

End of the Year Program

I thought this was funny. It's Bethany's end of the school year program and she did much better than her Christmas program. At the Christmas program she just stared out into the crowd and didn't move. I think she was mesmerized by the big light. But this time she did better. Note the ugly face she makes before the music starts. I get to look at these kinds of faces at least 6-12x a day! She also gets stuck with the "eyes" motion for a while but by the end she was doing all the motions. It's only a little bit of the video hope you enjoy....
* You can silence the music by scrolling to the bottom of the page and hitting the pause button.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great Memorial Day weekend with my family. The only thing missing was Joey! He had his next to last call night and was working all weekend. The girls had a blast with my sisters and brother. Poor Anna had Bethany on her hip all weekend. B also slept with Anna and woke her very early every morning!!! Kara played in a basketball tournament all weekend and i got to catch one game and Bethany went with them to a game. She also got a new horsey compliments of Gram. I don't have a picture with her and the horsey yet but she named him Spotted and rode him all weekend. It's just a little stick horse that makes a galloping noise but she loves it! Here are a few pics of the girls with the family.

B and Lid getting a pic in their matching outfits

The girls with Gram and Papa

Kara and Sam and B. She had a great time bossing them around all weekend!