Saturday, December 24, 2011

Days 7-2 of A Patrick Christmas

The highlight of our new Christmas traditions in Memphis was Linny and Elba visiting.  The Kids opened their gifts from them on this day and we went to see Christmas lights the night before.

Another gun, I mean fun, tradition is the boys basketball party!  We had about 15-20 guys at our house for pizza, Crumpy's (Orange Mound Special:note the tin on the counter with 150 wings in it!), and presents for all.  It was a blast and glad that Linny and Elba were able to share in it.  Arm wrestling was the event of the night:)

We went to the Enchanted Forest at the Pink Palace and had a scavenger hunt and pictures with Santa.

Our saddest day of Christmas? Saying goodbye to Linny and Elba.  Evident by Lyd, Lyd's face....

We wrapped up Girl's Club Christmas with movie night at our house.  B got to stay up and watch the Nativity Story with us girls.

I threw in two pictures from tonight since it was Christmas Eve.  This tradition has carried over from SC, Birthday Party for Jesus.  B and Daddy made the cupcakes.  Chocolate: our sin, White:  Purity from Jesus, Red: the blood that took away our sin, and Green: B said it represents the grass that the sheep eat (?)

Here are the Patrick and Oliphant kids singing Jesus his Birthday song

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Day's 10 and 9

Christmas card: try #8

B rearranging the stocking, again

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

12 Days of Patrick Christmas

In keeping with sharing our Christmas season with many of you that we won't be able to see, I'm posting a picture for the next 11 days and I'm going to make up for yesterday with two today....
Our Patrick/Wiersma crew in the depot about to board the Polar Express!

Notice anything different with this picture???
I walked past this particular nativity in the dining room this morning after I had dropped the kids at PDO and took a double take at our bull.  I laughed out loud when I saw him knowing my eldest had tinkered and bedazzled him to her liking. Her favorite part of Christmas is putting out the nativity.  This year while unpacking one of her favorite nativities that we set  up in our room, I noticed we were missing a wise man. As she went shuffling into our room with her hands full of the nativity animals she nonchalantly said, "It's okay Mom, we only need two wise men this year".  It's now Joey and I's coin phrase when we only want to half do something,  "We only need two wise men this year."

Monday, December 12, 2011

Happenings lately

We recently went home for an extended trip to SC for Thanksgiving.  I was counting down the days and even had my CBS group pray for me as we took trip home because I just knew I'd be so homesick after we came back to Memphis that I'd start over at square one.  We had an awesome time.....

First we stayed at Papa Mark and Gram's house and had the Thomas Thanksgiving....

Aunt Anna always does so good with the kiddos

We always decorate Gingerbread houses to kick off the upcoming Christmas season.  All the kids enjoyed it with their cousins.

B loved eating her decorations the most.  But look at her pretty Gingerbread house.

The little cousins loved hiding under the table and squealing at each other:)

After a few days we went to Linny and Elba's house to spend the rest of our time.  This is Mama Irene with some of her Great-Grandkids.

Joey and his brother with the children.  What a sweet picture...

We made time for a Clemson basketball game.  B loves going to Clemson bball games and JP loved meeting the Tiger for the first time.

She always dances with the Rally Cats...

We went to Papa and Gram's one last time to see them and play in the beautiful weather

Leaf piles were a favorite of the day

The cousins watched a Christmas movie and ate warm cookies.  Such great memories they'll have together.

On our way back to Memphis we visited Mimi Sara and Papa Jim.  It was so nice to see them and get a chance to run around before our long trip home.

We had a wonderful visit but God heard my CBS group's prayer.  I was anxious to get home and start our new Christmas traditions in our new house and neighborhood.  It felt good to pull into OM and walk in our door. The Lord tells us to go forward without looking back because we can never be fully in a place with our heads looking backwards at what we just left.  It was a real comfort to my heart.

We came back and unpacked and put up the Christmas decorations.  I'll give you a little preview of some of our new traditions in Memphis and now, this year, with 3 little ones....

B listening to Christmas music working hard on her Jesse Tree ornaments .This is the first year we are doing a Jesse Tree for advent and it's awesome.  She loved making her ornaments and learning about Jesus' family tree leading to his birth!  It's been fun for all of us

Baby Josiah busy with the OM house church women baking cookies for girls club that night.

It's no secret I've had a hard time "loving" house church but the Lord has blessed our HC with some really special women.  This is Jessica helping B roll dough 

More OM HC women busy at work

Girls club is chronicling Jesus' birth story for Christmas but we always have a fun craft!

Christ Communities Christmas party

These two wallflowers didn't do much but eat at the party

Breakfast with Santa at the Botanical Gardens.  They had a petting zoo, crafts and Carol-oke

JP singing a song he doesn't know during Carol-oke!

These sweet things have enjoyed the holidays

B making some ornaments for family
We had a first annual Wiersma-Patrick Mountain get-away to ride the Polar Express. Those pictures coming soon. 

We also baked pumpkin bread and roasted pecans and delivered them to our neighbors.  It was an awesome way to meet some of my neighbors I haven't meet.  Sadly, many of them were skeptical when they opened the door but as soon as B flashed her smile and explained that we had a present for them from "Joey and Tia and the kids, and from Bethany that loves animals..." they opened those doors up gladly and welcomed us in!  It made me wonder why I had never thought to do this before. 

That's the thing I love about Memphis and OM, it's made our family intentional. How can you go back to complacency when you've seen the blessings of intentional?

Be intentional this season.  Reach out to someone close by that you don't know well.  Christmas is the perfect time to walk to a neighbor's house and give them a baked good or Christmas card. I'm sure, like me, you'll wonder why you hadn't done it sooner.