Friday, August 10, 2007

This one's for you Hannah!

So, I'm updating our blog b/c I was informed by a close friend that it's time to update. We are all settled into our new home in Greenwood! It's been quite an adjustment. Joey just enjoyed his first day off after 28 days of working, but with that saide, he absolutely loves it! B and I are learning the ropes around here and trying to find things to get into:) We are still visiting churches but have made some great friends in the process. Hope this blog finds you well (Hannah!)


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mother's Day Weekend

What an amazing day! I must admit that I milked it for all it's worth:) Poor Joey had to put up with numerous trips to the mall to find the "perfect dress" for my Mother's day and for Bethany's baby dedication only for me to return everything and wear a dress I already had. He also was worried when I didn't come home from getting my ManiPedi until after 9:00 PM on Friday night! But I must say that it really was a special day. It was sort of an initiation into the great sisterhood of all, Motherhood!
Since my Mother passed away almost 5 years ago, I, understandably, haven't enjoyed the holiday as much. She wrote me a letter while I was on my 1st mission trip in Peru during the summer after my sophomore year at Winthrop. She wrote that one day I would understand the love that a mother has for her child and understand the bond between a first born and her mother. Well, I know what my mama was talking about now. You have such an unexplainable since of pride and joy. I know in most instances that pride is considered a bad thing but not in this case.
Also, to start the weekend off, Joey graduated from medical school. Another proud moment for the wifee! He worked so hard to not only get through medical school but to excel in it. He'll get mad if I mention this but I'm going to anyways, He won a special Family Practice award that's only given to one student in the class. I'm gushing over his accomplishments!!!
Bethany also got dedicated at church on Sunday. She was such a ham at the service. She was talking to all our family beforehand and smiling and blowing bubbles. The pastor commented about how animated she was but at the time my sister-in-law said she was looking out at the congregation with a blank stare!!!:) Such a prankster.
Well, HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY to all you mom's out there. Be proud that God chose you to nurture His creation!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Okay, so I know that there is so many ways to scam new parents, and most of the time I fall for it but this has gone too far! Every product promises to make your life easier while somehow enhancing your child's intellegence. Beware parents......never be this dumb. The baby keeper is just plain cruel to all children who must hang from the bathroom stalls as they watch you go pee!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


It has been mind-boggling to think about all the things that parenthood brings about. I mean, am I really qualified to teach this precious one about life, love, values, truth, self, and the things that really matter? And secondly, how in the world do I do this? This whole exprience has brought me to unchartered waters. It is something that scares me but keeps me on the edge of my seat. I must really search myself in order to show my little girl how to accept herself, love who she is, and most importantly find her identity in Christ. Her life holds a mirror to me. I have to accept myself, love who I am and know that my identity is in Him. It's so....mind boggling! I want her to be a revoluntionary. Afraid of nothing that the world might throw at her. Wise enough to find the truth and courageous enough to stand for it. Always realizing the value of herself and others around her. Forgiving the hurts that she might endure. And most of all being a woman of God. Me and my girl, revolutionaries?

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Anyone out there?

So, I love my blog, even though I abandon it months at a time. I sometimes wonder "why do I blogg?" because I don't really think that anyone even visits. Which is okay because the blog is theraputic for myself.
Life is definetly changing and more changes are coming. In May/June we will be moving to Greenwood. Now I could do a whole other blog titled "Where in the world is Greenwood?" but I'll skip that and save it for later. We are actually really excited about it. Joey will be working at Self Regional Hospital and we'll be there for 3 years. The cool thing about this residency is that it is mission focused and serves overseas. We've met several residents and their families and I think we'll fit right in. I may need some prayers because I will be trying out the stay-at-home mom thing. And if any you know me, then you know that I'm an on-the-go type of person. So, Bethany and I are going to have to dabble in some activities. So, if you're out there keep us in your thoughts.
Enough for now, motherhood is calling. Bethany is calling for a bottle!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 29, 2007

A new start for a New Year!

Wow! Who knew life could change forever in a single moment? Our Bethany is on her 3rd week of life and it has been crazy around here. I had a complicated pregnancy to say the least and it ended with a happy healthy baby and a big sigh of relief. Although Bethany was only 4lbs 4oz, she is a feisty little thing and reminds me that it's the smallest things in life that make the biggest impact.
The Patrick household has undergone some major adjustments. Bethany had to stay in the hospital for a few days after I was released and I cried every night because I wanted my baby girl home with me. Then she came home and I cried everynight because I didn't know if I was qualified to be a mom!!! But as we have had time to adjust to this change my joy grows beyond belief everyday and my heart has so much love that I didn't know I was even capable of having. Watching Joey be a father has been beautiful. He is so hands on and is in love with his daughter. She is definetly a daddy's girl and already has him figured out! I am so lucky to have such a wonderful family and I can't wait to see what the year brings. We'll be learning to be parents, making a move from Greenville, and discovering the next adventure that lies ahead! I can't wait!