Friday, June 14, 2013

Hopefully the Patrick blog is back: Cross your fingers!!!

I'm doing a test post to make sure this blog is still mine and not SPAMS!!! Here's some cute pics to compensate for months of hackedness....
2nd Gotcha Day Celebration
Tooth fairy makes a visit

The Redbirds recruit a new, young rookie

Sister's show some love in homemade outfits
Thank you all for hanging in there with my blog.  I plan to renew my friendship with it and update the comings and goings of our life and ministry. Please comment if you are still dropping by seeing this post instead of the sketchy spam stuff. 
Sincerely your blogger,
Tia :)


Hannah said...

I'm still here! Shocking, I know! :) Can't wait for the updates...miss you guys!!

Anonymous said...

Tia, your family is absolutely gorgeous!! I am so happy for you and your family....and the work that you do is so courageous and inspiring!!
With lots and lots of love,

Tia said...

Yay!People are here!

Beth Rainey said...

Keep on going. God's mighty hand is upon you. You are an amazing woman. We are so proud of you.