Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Highlights from B's season

We've been finished with basketball for about 3 weeks now and I've been meaning to post some pics from B's first season.  I was so proud of Joey for just signing her up and having her play on a team without him coaching.  He's awesome at it, obviously, but he has so many "coaching" things going on right now I just wanted him to be able to sit and watch her.  All that said, after the first practice he comes home with a coaches jersey!  Once again, he was coach.  It worked out because we had our neighbor participate and frankly I'm not sure how many coaches would have made it through the season with this team of humble players:) It was good though.  I so wish I could post some videos.  No one would believe the things I said unless they saw it....

 B warming up
 A little pep talk before the game to some of the players.  Charley and Nathan played with her and she loved having her "best friend" play with her.
 B's entourage in tow to capture all the moments.  I had a white lady ask me, "How do you know all these people?"  By people she meant the big African-American boys that were videoing and taking pictures.  This is Dell and he's about Joey's size as a sophomore. He was pacing up and down the court videoing the game.  So sweet....
B's group of fans
Mommy trying to entertain these two to keep them off the court!

Basketball was a much bigger success than soccer last year but that's not saying a whole lot.  We will be doing it again though.  JP should have played.  He really wanted to and his attention span for sports is much higher than Bethany's.  He's a good shot and is really quick:) Next year he'll have his time to shine!  Next is a race weekend in Charleston.  JP and Bethany will run the 1/4 mile at the kids run.  It's in his blood people, really.  He is never winded.... maybe he will be a distance runner:)

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